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Wedding Albums | Hull photographers, Yorkshire - Fossca

Wedding Albums

The perfect way to tell your story

Our albums are the most well built and timeless we can find. We start the design then invite you to the studio to really have your say on just how each page looks. Some people make just the slightest of changes, whilst others can spend hours deciding just how it should be. We're happy with either; an album is the final representation of your day, and we're happy to help you make it exactly how you'd like it.

There are three main sizes of album available, and the design we go through at your viewing works for all of them. Which size you choose is a personal choice, so we send you away with the design, that way you can think about which would be the best for you.

To complement your full-size album, we offer Parent Books and Pocket Books; these smaller albums share the same design as the full-size ones and are ordered at the same time - perfect for any friends and family who would like a record of your day.

The wedding package includes a 14 page 12 x 8" album. If you would like a larger album or extra pages, the prices are below. This can all be decided up to a year after your wedding, so don't feel like you have to choose now!

Album Upgrades

12 x 8" - Included

15 x 10" - £100

18 x 12" - £220

Add an Extra page - £30

Parent Books

9 x 6" - £150

These small albums still have the feel of a full-size album. Great for parents and grandparents.

Pocket Books

6 x 4" - £50

A lot more portable than the main album, these are perfect to carry to work. They also make great presents for anyone involved in the wedding.

Other questions we get asked

+Can I order more than one full-size album?

You can. If it shares the same design as your main album and you order it at the same time then the prices are as below. There is no charge for extra pages.

12 x 8" - £350
15 x 10" - £450
18 x 12" - £520

If you would like your extra album to have a different design, then there will be an additional cost for our design time.

+Can I order a Parent or Pocket Book after my full-size album?

These smaller albums share the same design as the full-size album, and the album company will only print them at the same time as a full-size album.

So, sorry but you have to decide this before putting your album order in. Unless you talk your parents into buying a full-size album later!

+How many pages can I have?

35! It would be heavy, but it can be done!

+How long do they take to arrive?

Albums are usually delivered to the studio around four weeks after you approve your design. It can take longer around Christmas time.

We are happy to courier them to you once we've checked them, or you're welcome to collect them from the studio.

Any other questions, please just get in touch!

Wedding Album