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Wedding Albums | Hull photographers, Yorkshire - FosscaWedding Albums | Hull photographers, Yorkshire - FosscaWedding Albums | Hull photographers, Yorkshire - Fossca

Wedding Albums

The perfect way to tell the story of your day

Our albums are the most well built and timeless we've ever seen. We start the design then invite you in to the studio to really have your say on just how each page looks. Some people make just the slightest of changes, whilst others can spend hours deciding just how it should be. We're happy with either; an album is the final representation of your big day, and we're happy to help you make it exactly how you'd like it.

There are three main sizes of album available, and the design we go through at your viewing will suit each one. Which size you choose is a very personal choice, so we like to send you away with the design, that way you can think about which would best suit you. To complement your full size album, we offer Parentbooks and Pocketbooks; these smaller albums share the same design as the main album, and must be ordered at the same time as a main album. As the design is already complete, we can offer these albums at a much lower price which makes them perfect for any friends and family who would like a memento of your day.

Prices of albums are below, and include 10-pages (20-sides) of photos. Photoshop to the major photos such as the covers is included, as we feel it's a shame to have a beautiful portrait on the front cover, but have the tv aerial in the background for example. And yes, most requests have been made over the years, so guaranteed yours won't be the most unusual!

Full Size Albums

12 x 8" - £350

15 x 10" - £450

18 x 12" - £520


9 x 6" - £150

These small albums still have the feel of a full size album. Great for parents and grandparents.


6 x 4" - £40

A lot more portable than the main album, these are perfect to carry to work. They also make great presents for anyone involved in the wedding.

Wedding album