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Hull Wedding Photographers

Feel relaxed, look beautiful, share proudly

Picking your photographers is one of the most important decisions you need to make for your wedding. Bad photography doesn't just mean bad photos. It means you remembering your day being derailed by an unorganised, stressed photographer - not remembering it as a beautiful and relaxing day spent in the company of your nearest and dearest, who may never all be in the same place again.

Over the last 10 years, witnessing 100s of people getting married, we've taken note of everything that causes stress at weddings and made sure to do anything we can to reduce it for you. Most importantly, we book only 15 weddings a year, not 50 like some. Your wedding isn't just another booking in the diary.

Most of our couples just have a collection of selfies. How are you supposed to feel confident on your wedding day if it's the first time you've had professional photos taken? You might not be thrilled about an engagement shoot, but after a 20-minute photo walk, the difference in confidence levels will be unbelievable. You'll also have a great set of photos to enjoy before your wedding. Portraits are not something to be feared, but rather an enjoyable way to spend time with your other half - honestly, everyone laughs a lot on their engagement shoot! Photography is a pleasant part of your day, not an inconvenience, when done right!

We'll spend time together discussing and writing down your running order, so you're confident your day will run smoothly. After your wedding, your guests will compliment you on just how laid back you were and you'll feel thankful you decided to invest in the most long-lasting part of your day. You'll be proudly sharing your photos for generations to come!

Check our reviews or speak to any of our couples, and you'll realise we go much further than just taking photos. Unlike most photographers, we understand you want your day to be about you, your friends, and family - not us! That's why we put so much time and effort into delivering not just stunning, timeless, photos, but also a relaxed and enjoyable experience from the start.

Below we'll answer as many of your questions as we can. Then, it's as simple as clicking to check if we're available on your wedding day. If your date is available, we'd love to invite you to meet at the studio where you can see some real albums, and tell us all about your plans!

What Our Couples Say Afterwards

Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
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A Guide to Your Photography


Tell us your plans. We're happy to give as much or little advice as you'd like. We want you to be confident that you'll get every photo requested, and that your day will run smoothly.

Engagement Shoot

This is where we show you photography can be a great experience. Your photos will reassure you that you do photograph well, and not to worry about your wedding photography.

All day coverage

From preparations until 9:30pm, your entire story makes it into the album, dancefloor included! You'll also have time for an evening portrait if you'd like.

Two Photographers

A photographer each for your preparations - no detail missed! With two of us, group photos and portraits fly by. Don't keep your guests standing around.

Photo Booth

Don't get the wrong idea, this is a subtle booth. Make sure each of your guests has the chance to be in your album. It's up to them how lovely their messages are!

4 Week Delivery

Watch your slideshow, set to music you've chosen, just 4 weeks after your wedding. Spend time at our studio designing your perfect album, and request any Photoshop.

Online Gallery

Share your photos using a password protected gallery. Friends and family can download photos or order their own products from your collection.

Digital & Print Box

Fifteen timeless 12x8" mounted prints in a beautiful presentation box. In addition, Full-size digital copies are included on USB. Bespoke albums are also available.

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Invest in the Part of Your Wedding That Lasts Forever

We include more in our package than anyone else. It's all for a reason, either to make your day run smoothly or to better tell your story. We want you to proudly share your photos for generations and be remembered by your guests as the happy, laid back couple.

The deposit to secure your wedding day is £650. You then have the choice of either 12 monthly payments of £195, or the remainder of £2340 can be paid in one lump sum. Full payment is required six weeks before your wedding.

This investment includes your engagement shoot, two photographers until 9:30pm, Photo Booth, slideshow, mounted print box, and digital copies. There is nothing else to add, unless you wish to commission one of our bespoke designed albums.

If your wedding is local to us in Hull, East Yorkshire, all travel is included. If your big day is taking place further afield, we really are more than happy to join you. We will let you know our travel and, if necessary, accommodation costs before you book. The coverage will stay the same whether your wedding is in Yorkshire or halfway around the world.

We only photograph 15 weddings a year, not 50, like some. This means we can treat your wedding with the care and attention it deserves. Please don't leave it too late to enquire, as we have only a few 2019 dates remaining and most of the popular 2020 dates have now gone, with 2021 enquiries now being received. Quickly check your date below, or email We'd love to invite you to the studio to hear all about your plans!

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What Else Would You like to Know?

+Do you travel out of the area?

We're more than happy to shoot a wedding anywhere in the country, or indeed the world. Our package and coverage remain the same. We will let you know any travel and accommodation costs before you book.

There are photos in our portfolio from France, Wales, Somerset, The Lake District, Oxford, Morecambe, Sheffield, to give you an idea. We end up travelling all over, thanks to our lovely couples!

+Are you insured?

Yes, we have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Certificates can be provided if required by your venue.

+How will our photos be backed up after our wedding?

Firstly, thank you for showing your interest in this normally neglected question!

You'll be happy to hear that your photos are downloaded and encrypted at the studio to our custom built server, designed to keep your photos as safe as possible. Once there, they are sent fully encrypted to two other servers (also encrypted), in two other countries.

We guarantee to keep these backups for at least a year after your wedding.

We understand how important your photos are!

+We're not really keen on having our photos taken, Arghh!

Very few people are! We've had some people, who are absolute naturals in front of the camera. A few, in many years!

Most people's dreaded part of the day is their official portraits (or the speeches, but we can't help with that). However, if you ask our couples, this part of the day is usually far more enjoyable than expected.

Our posing is minimal. We're not looking for millimetre placement of your hands etc. We'd much rather capture a pose that's 99% there, but is quick and feels natural to you. The best pose in the world will look awful if you are bored out of your minds!

Also, think about it this way. The first time you will see each other on the day is at the ceremony, not the best time to have a chat. You'll then be mobbed by well-wishers afterwards and perhaps go straight into group photos, depending on your running order. Your portraits are likely to be the first time you'll get a quiet moment to take it all in and chat between you - admittedly with us pointing cameras at you - but the point is, it won't be as bad as you think.

Worry about your first dance instead!

+Can you offer a discount if we don't want part of the package?

Unfortunately, we can't. We can only take on a certain number of weddings a year, so whilst we don't force you to take everything included in the package, such as an engagement shoot or the Photo Booth, we can't offer a discount.

The engagement shoot is a great opportunity to get that first bit of awkwardness out of the way before your big day though! You also get a lovely set of portraits to enjoy before your wedding.

Check out our Having an Engagement Shoot? Work it! blog post.

+Where and when can we have our engagement shoot?

Any time before your wedding. If you're thinking of using the photos for stationary, give us a couple of weeks to turn them around and order any products.

As for location, anywhere in the local area that has a bit of shade and some shelter, just in case the English weather finds us. The Humber Bridge Country Park is a perfect example. There are hundreds of different places for any kind of sun/weather combo.

Check out our Choosing a Location for your Engagement Shoot blog post.

+Does the Photo Booth come with props?

We provide chalk and chalkboards, but you are more than welcome to provide additional props to suit your wedding. Just be aware that the more props you have, the fewer messages people will write!

+Does the Photo Booth stay after you've gone?

Sorry no, the Photo Booth is packed up when we leave at 9:30pm. But we won't pack it up if people are still queuing to have a go, we're not mean! We also make sure to ask the DJ or Band to announce that the Photo Booth is going half an hour before, just to make sure!

+Do you need food on the day?

Yes, please. We're going to be on our feet for the whole day, and our only break is when you sit down to eat. We don't have time to leave your wedding and find food elsewhere, as there are speeches to photograph and a Photo Booth to set up!

We will require a full meal, please make sure your caterers don't just give us a plate of sandwiches - we may collapse in the evening!

We will sit elsewhere to eat though, nothing like a photographer at your guests' table to make them feel like they're being watched!

+What happens after the wedding?

We aim to have your photos ready in about four weeks. Enough time for you to enjoy your honeymoon and relax a bit after all the time and effort you've put into the day!

We'll then ask you for some songs for your slideshow. Once everything is ready, it's time for you to come to the studio and relive the memories!

After watching your slideshow, you'll have as much time as you need to work on your album design with us if you choose to order one. We will then perform any Photoshop changes you have requested, before posting your slideshow and digital copies to you.

Then it's up to you to decide at home which photos to have in your mounted print box, and perhaps which album size you would like, not forgetting any Parent Books or Pocket Books.

+Do you do videography?

No, we're pretty flat out just taking the photos! We're happy to work alongside most videographers though. However, we've had some interesting experiences over the years so make sure you choose someone who isn't going to intrude on your day.

We work pretty hard to stay in the background at your wedding, and that's all for nothing if the videographers yell at your guests!

We're happy to recommend some, so just ask!

+Which venues have you worked at, and which do you prefer?

These are our favourite nearby venues, and some further afield - in alphabetical order, no favouritism here!

East Riding of Yorkshire

Other parts of the world

Any other questions, please just get in touch!

Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth
Hull wedding photo booth