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Hull Family Portraits

Take your time and enjoy yourselves

This portrait shoot will be more fun than you expected it to be! Years of experience means we know photography well enough to just get on with it, and focus more on your comfort in front of our cameras.

Your session is carefully planned just for you. The number of people, the ages of those people, any disabilities - all are taken into account when deciding on the length of your shoot and the order of your photos. For larger groups, we request a list of the photos you'd like us to take, which helps keep the session flowing.

Before we even set foot in the studio area, drinks and biscuits are served, and everyone gets the chance to settle in; the only way to get relaxed photos is if you're relaxed, after all. The session also allows for plenty of off-camera time, as needed. You won't feel rushed!

How you display your photos afterwards is up to you. Every shoot includes a slideshow to share online and digital copies for you to download. If you prefer physical products we offer a mounted print box which is a beautiful way to show off your photos either on an easel or on your wall.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Elizabeth & James

We love that you feel totally relaxed behind the camera! The whole family enjoyed it and my parents are usually not people who enjoy having their photos taken.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Laura & Matt

A warm friendly environment is always waiting at the studio. Time was given when anything needed to be sorted with our son, so we didn't feel rushed or hurried. Highly recommend Fossca because not only are the photos fantastic but the photographers are brilliantly friendly and a great laugh.

Wedding Photography Testimonial

Lillie & Sam

We thoroughly enjoyed our session, which lasted just long enough to get some amazing shots without Robyn losing interest! The results are stunning and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Wedding Confetti

What's included?

Digital Copies

Make your own smaller prints for yourselves, family and friends. 9x6" digital copies are included, and can be downloaded from your online gallery.


After your shoot we'll upload your slideshow for you to share with family and friends. It's in 4K for you techy people.

1 week delivery

You always hear the story of that person who waited six months for their photos. Not something we think is acceptable!


Free parking right outside the door, and a rollerdoor/ramp makes getting in the studio easy, including wheelchair users.

Online Gallery

A password protected gallery gives family & friends a hassle-free way to order & download their own photos from your collection.


If you're bringing a large group, we'll help you figure out a list of shots you want before you arrive at the studio.

Drinks & Biscuits

Coffee? Tea? Beer? Whatever makes you happiest. And Hobnobs, can't do photography without Hobnobs. *Other biscuits may be substituted.


Not the most asked about part of our portrait shoots, but your photos are encrypted and stored in three countries.

Mounted Print Box

Pricing and Booking

Depending on your group size we offer two portrait session durations. If you have up to 5 people in your group, you'll want an hour and a half session at £195. If you have between 5 and 10 people in your group then you'll want a two hour session at £245. These prices include your slideshow, digital copies, and online gallery.

If you have a specific date and time in mind, we will try and accomodate you, so just ask! Likewise, if you have a group of more than 10 people, we are happy to organise a session to suit you.

Book now by emailing

Questions you might have

+How do we get the slideshow?

Your slideshow is uploaded to Vimeo in 4K. It's not publicly viewable, you need a link. You can watch, share and download as you wish.

+What other products are available?

Our most popular products are our handmade mounted print boxes, and our framed prints.

The mounted print box is beautifully designed with a photo of your choice on the cover, and contains five 12x8" prints mounted on foamboard. The box also contains a mini-easel for displaying one of the prints, and velcro squares for the back of the prints and for your walls. The idea is you can rotate which photos are on show, or put them all on the wall in a collage. Priced at £120.

Extra mounted prints come in packs of two, priced at £40 for both. Each mounted print box fits 15 prints but when they're full you can use the velcro to mount some on the wall!

Our most popular frame is an oak effect 22x16" which contains an 18x12" print of your choice. Art grade acrylic is used instead of glass, so there is less risk of damage during shipping - although you are more than welcome to collect from the studio. Priced at £95.

+Do you have any advice for the shoot?

Bring a hairbrush! And if you're bringing a child (or adult) who you don't think will smile for the camera, bring along someone silly to stand behind the camera with us; it will make a huge difference.

Other things you should consider bringing:

  • Small toys or books to use as props or distractions. Preferably timeless classics!
  • Snacks
  • A change of clothes, just in case of spills, and to vary the shots
  • For babies, a blanket that is sentimental
  • Music to play that everyone in your group likes
  • Again, a hairbrush!
There's plenty of room at the studio and you can park right outside, so if you think of anything else you might need bring it just incase!

+Will our photos be used on social media or your website?

If we're considering using your photos, we will always ask. And have no issue if you'd rather they stay private.

+We're not really keen on having our photos taken, Arghh!

Very few people are! We've had some people, who are absolute naturals in front of the camera. A few, in many years!

Our posing is minimal. We're not looking for millimetre placement of your hands etc. We'd much rather capture a pose that's 99% there, but is quick and feels natural to you. The best pose in the world will look rubbish if you are bored out of your minds!

The session starts with drinks and biscuits, you don't just get thrown in front of the camera!

+What happens after the session?

We aim to have your photos ready in around a week.

You'll get a link to your slideshow and gallery, so you can sit in the comfort of your own home and see your photos for the first time. You can then choose any print products you'd like, and download your digital copies.

If down the line you would like to pop in to the studio to see some products, you are more than welcome.

+Do you offer discounts?

Not regularly. We can only take on a certain number of sessions a year and put a lot of effort and expense in to making each one special.

If we do offer any discounts, they will be announced via our social media, links to which are below.

+How will our photos be backed up after our session?

Firstly, thank you for showing your interest in this normally neglected question!

You'll be happy to hear that your photos are downloaded and encrypted at the studio to our custom built server, designed to keep your photos as safe as possible. Once there, they are sent fully encrypted to two other servers (also encrypted), in two other countries.

We understand how important your photos are!

+Are you insured?

Yes, we have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Certificates can be provided if required.

Any other questions, please just get in touch!