Case Study: Medusa Tiles

High-End Tiles. High-End Photography.

Medusa tiles are quite unlike regular tiles. Bespoke made in Hull, they each feature a different variety of aggregate, infill, and several other choices for the customer.

The challenge with a new range of products such as these is how to make them look as stunning online as they do in person.

The project spanned a few months, with us photographing each range as they were available to us.

The client area was used to provide feedback to Paul, the owner. He was able to describe exactly what the photos needed to show, having spent a huge amount of time perfecting the methods required to make the tiles.

Studio Lighting Challenged

Each range of these tiles has a different challenge. Some contain glass, some mirrors, some pearlescent shells.

Almost every piece of lighting equipment we have at the studio played a part in these final photos.

The end result, however, shows off just how glossy and different these tiles are. Everyone who saw them in the studio had to stop and have a look. The photos, after much work, will do the same thing for the Medusa website.


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