Case Study: MBTV Electronics

Products of All Sizes. Consistency Required

Selling hundreds of different products online is a challenging task. Great photography increases sales, but when pressed for time it's not easy to get right.

MBTV decided the best way to free up time to concentrate on taking the business to the next level, was to outsource their photography.

This meant they came to Fossca knowing exactly what they wanted from their photography. We had to provide clean, consistent photos, often taken months apart.

The photos have to appeal to customers even in thumbnail form, and MBTV needed space at the edge of the frame to overlay their logo.

When each batch of products arrives at the studio, we're sure to get the requirements written down there and then. For example, what angles, variations, and labelling are required for each product.

The products are then carefully photographed, post-processed, and added to MBTV's client area in the exact format required for online listings.

We do everything possible to make the photography a 'drop off and forget about it' service. The hours MBTV save are then put into developing their business. Listings featuring the new photography are seeing a measurable increase in sales, which is exactly what we aim for with our commercial photography.


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