Vuba Case Study:
Resin / art / flooring

Product Photography

The ultimate test of your photographers

Vuba aren't messing around. The speed at which they move is impressive.

It's vital your product photographers can not only keep up with your business, but keep delivering consistent results.

Even though we've worked with Vuba for years now, we can still recreate the lighting for their swatches so they match the first ones we ever shot. It's really important as their e-commerce presence is on-point, and a mismatched set of photos would ruin it.

Fossca have reduced our time spent organising photography, and have delivered consistent photos from their studio, our warehouse, and on-site.

, Founder

Products, Headshots & On-location

The full range

Vuba ask for every type of photography we offer. And they put it all to use.

The header of this page is one of their product photos taken at our Hull photography studio, featuring a product that has one of their on-location photos on it.

Our clients know they can trust us to quickly and reliably deliver the photography they need to get their products and services to market.

A Tale as Old as Time

Client & Photographers

Vuba have a great bunch of people working within their Beverley headquarters, and their Hull based web & marketing agencies are just as admirable.

Over the years Vuba and Fossca have created a descriptive language to communicate about photos. It means we can get a single message, and know exactly what the company need for their next marketing push.

But when we do get the call from Vuba we know to expect the unexpected. We've had sessions with cats, crafting, celebrities, and plenty of products just asking to be spilled on our studio equipment and floor.

The thing that is always the same is our commitment to deliver consistent, eye-catching photography via our online client area. We then carefully listen to any feedback from Vuba and their agencies, make any adjustments, and update the files for everyone involved.

We might be in a different city, but tech and real-time updates make coordinating sessions hassle free for the most part - so long as cats aren't involved; a story for another time.

Photography studio in Hull, Tech, and great service

More than just Photograpy

Client area

No emailing photos back and forth - glorious! Every session gets its own gallery in your online client area to share with your team and agencies.

Hull Studio

Rollerdoor access, parking, coffee, changing facilities, underfloor heating. This photography studio is perfect for your whole team to visit.


Great photography needs post-production. We keep our edits in-house, so everything is on time and dropped straight into your client area. Read more...


Give us a spot on shot-list using our online client area, and you'll get back exactly what you request.


Prices are right here

Hate the back and forth of quotes? Yeah, us too.

Our pricing is online to make your life easier. If you like our style, and we fit your budget, drop us a line.

Every session is different, so please email us as many details as you can and we can be more accurate with pricing.

Hourly Rates

2 Working day turnaround
Delivery via online client area
Number of photos per hour varies. Get in touch to discuss
On-location studio lighting available

Minimum of 1 hour, then charged per 30-minutes.

best value

Monthly Subscription

3 Working day turnaround
Delivery via online client area
Book sessions in seconds
Number of photos per hour varies. Get in touch to discuss.
30-Minute sessions
Unused hours roll-over
Lowest hourly rate

Minimum of 2 months.
PAYG rates are charged if subscription hours run out.

Studio Headshots

2 Working day turnaround
Delivery via online client area
Changing facilities in studio
Space for hair & makeup
Choice of backdrops
Range of lighting styles

Includes 5 edited photos per person. Additional photos £10 each.

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