Your guide to a relaxed wedding with photos you look amazing in!



You look best in photos when you’re relaxed. Over the last 10 years, we’ve witnessed hundreds of people getting married in dozens of venues. We kept a note of what made their weddings memorable and laid back. Sometimes it’s a case of not trying to please everyone, sometimes it’s just being true to yourselves.

The 10 steps below are what you’ll need to think about to plan a stress-free wedding your guests will compliment you on for years! Then, just add photographers who are dedicated to making your day run exactly as planned!

Your 10 Wedding Planning Steps

10 Wedding Venues Header

Step 1: 10 Hull Wedding Venues You Might Not Know About

Your venue defines much of your wedding plans, so get it right! Here are a few suggestions, along with the reasons we enjoy being there. It might give you a new angle you’d not thought of. Read more…


Step 2: 10 Questions You Must Ask Your Photographer

These tricky questions will help make sure you get the best suppliers for your wedding. You can use some of them for your other suppliers too. Read more…

Engagement Locations

Step 3: Ideal Engagement Shoot Locations

Engagement shoots are such an important part of your wedding. Get all the nerves out of the way, so on your wedding day the confidence in front of the camera shows! Read more…

Engagement Advice

Step 4: Making the Most of Your Engagement Shoot

Now you’ve found somewhere perfect for your engagement shoot, think about how to make the most of it. This is a great chance to get to know each other, that’s the main thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the time for your own ideas! Read more…



Wedding Theme

Step 5: Styling an Unforgettable Wedding

There are definitely enough sources of inspiration out there – looking at you, Pinterest! This part of the guide instead focuses on how you can make your wedding a true reflection of yourselves. Lots of the details featured are simple and unique, so don’t feel you have to go overboard! Read more…

Interesting Wedding Ceremonies

Step 6: How to Choose Your Ideal Wedding Ceremony

There are lots of options out there for the centerpiece of your wedding. This part of the guide simply gives a few ideas for you to consider. The important thing is to make sure you’re choosing it because you want it, not because it’s the done thing in your families. Read more…

Wedding Pinterest

Step 7: Memorable Ideas to Add to Your Wedding

It can be tempting to add everything you’ve ever seen done at a wedding to yours. Resist the urge! You’re going to be swept off your feet all day greeting people. Your guests also don’t need entertaining for every minute of the day, they want to catch up with people they’ve possibly not seen for years – and congratulate you! Here is a great selection of wedding additions, not just thrown at you, but we’ll explain why they work! Read more…

Wedding Morning Prep

Step 8: The Secrets to Stunning Morning Preparations

The part of the wedding that often gets overlooked. This part of the guide will give you a few ideas you might not have thought of. This is the beginning of your wedding story, make sure you think about a few small things that will make it much more enjoyable! Read more…

Wedding Portraits

Step 9: An Expert’s Guide to Portraits

This is for some reason a feared part of most people’s wedding days. It really shouldn’t be! With the right photographers, it’s actually a really laid back chance to spend time with your other half and take in what has just happened. This guide will give you an idea of what to expect, and why it’s not terrible. Don’t forget, you’ll have had your engagement shoot by this point, and will be experts yourselves! Read more…

Wedding First Dance

Step 10: This Is How to Enjoy Your First Dance

It’s one of the last things you’ll formally have to do at your wedding, so if you spend all day dreading it, that’s a waste of a brilliant day. This guide will tell you how a load of our past couples made the most of their first dance, even if it wasn’t the most looked forward to part of their celebrations. Read more…

Book Us to Tell Your Story

We only photograph 15 weddings a year. Some photographers take on 50 a year with no interest in whether the day was enjoyed by you and your guests. Afterwards, they’ll give you only files, not a story that will be cherished by you and your families for generations.

Visit our wedding page to see how we go above-and-beyond the average photographers, guaranteeing you are proud to show off your photos for generations!



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