Wedding Morning Prep

The Secret to Stunning Morning Preparations

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Every time a new set of wedding photos makes it’s way back to the studio, I get pretty excited. I spend my days editing countless images of so many wonderful weddings. Some are big, some are small, some are super traditional, and others are a bit more relaxed. You all have your own unique idea of exactly what you want your wedding to be like – and I get to see all the attention to detail that’s been made, I love it!

But hey, there’s a part of your wedding day that you’ve (probably) not given that much thought. It’s that bit before that huge event where, you get married and stuff. That bit in the morning where you have to get ready while your friends and family surround you.

Hands down, this is my favourite selection of photos to edit. It’s this part of the day that gives me an idea of what’s to come; I get to see your wedding theme, your outfits, and get an idea of who you are, all through the photos on my computer – it’s pretty cool!

Sometimes, I’ll open up a set of photos and do a little cheer (and sometimes even a little dance) because this, often overlooked, part of the day has been executed so well. I’m gonna let you know how you can get it right too.

Where should we get ready?

Let’s start with the obvious. Quite often, the most convenient place for the morning preparations is your house – and that’s fine if you’ve got the room, but there are other options! It’s worth checking the venue, itself, for suitable rooms.

Not only are they usually a little bigger, so you’re nearest and dearest can all run around comfortably, but they’ve also got that little touch of elegance that gives the photos a ‘wedding day’ feel. Don’t forget if you’re already in the ceremony building, that’s one less thing to think of – instead of organising multiple wedding cars.

Wedding Morning Prep


Pick the best light

Yep, you can’t take photos without it! Dark rooms = not as clear photos. Granted – technology is much better than it once was, but sometimes even the wonder of editing can struggle to rectify bad lighting situations. Your best bet? If you’re getting ready in the comfort of your own home, choose the room in your house with the biggest window, the one that lets in so much light you don’t even need to turn the light switch on. Conservatory anyone?

The result, gloriously bright and super flattering photos, what a dream.

Wedding Morning Prep


What’s in the background?

I know, I know. It’s the morning of your wedding, who’s thinking about the clutter that’s accumulating around you!? I tell you who is, me!

Make someone the designated tidier-upperer, or just throw stuff that doesn’t need to be on show in cupboards or out of sight. It’s hard to know what angle will be used as there is so much going on during your preparations. You’ll end up with a beautiful collection of photos that are free from distraction making you the subject, not the pile of clothes in the corner!

Wedding Morning Prep


Guys need photos too!

I get it, you probably think all that morning preparation stuff is just for the girls, it isn’t! It’s your day too, and you’re going to want a page in the album that shows what you were up to before the main event. Don’t worry, you don’t need any of you in hair & makeup prep, a few of you and the groomsmen hanging out usually work perfectly – even if it’s at the pub beforehand.

Straightening ties, tying up shoelaces, pouring that celebratory drink – it doesn’t have to be complicated. They’ll look great in the album, and it’ll keep your parents happy too – no excuses!

Wedding Morning Prep


Two sets of bridal preparations?

If you’re two brides getting married – it’s likely you’re going to have two mornings that are full of details. Wedding dresses, shoes, jewellery, hair, make-up! That’s a lot of stuff to photograph. Make sure you have two photographers who can both comfortably handle capturing all those important bridal prep moments!

Wedding Morning Prep


You’ve planned it to perfection, now just chill

The most important thing you can do to ensure super-duper-lovely-getting-ready photos? Relax. Be yourself. I get how surreal it is, and it might be the first time you’ve let anybody photograph you, in pyjamas, without makeup on, repeatedly. It’s daunting, but here’s the thing – a good wedding photographer will know how to make you look your best, even if you think you have the dorkiest smile in the world. It sounds cliché, but the best thing you can do is be yourself!

Wedding Morning Prep



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