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Subscription Story: Vuba Resin Products

Vuba have been subscribers of our commercial photography package for three months now, and have put it to great use in that time.

Before finding Fossca, Vuba had used various photographers, including one in-house, but were either unhappy with the photos, or the quality of service. Booking jobs in was time consuming, with individual quotes required for each job, and photos were delivered by email making them difficult to share with the team.

Vuba currently share their Fossca client area with their external graphic design and web development teams – this ensures everyone has the latest revisions of photos at all times. They also share some folders of photos with their Training Day clients and advertise this as part of the training package.

When you’re planning your photography, taking a look at Vuba’s wide range of sessions is recommended! They also produce a wide range of seriously useful products, so keep them in mind!

Product Session

Vuba’s web store is a massive part of their business, so great photography showing off their products cleanly and consistently is essential. The Fossca studio was taken over with products of all shapes and sizes. The products were unloaded from the van, brought through the roller-door, photographed, and loaded back on the van. All while drinks were served and the atmosphere was kept laid back. Photos were edited and delivered within the 3-day turnaround time, and instantly the web development team had access to them via the client area. Further requested edits were also immediately updated for everyone in the client area.

On Site Visits

The real show of Vuba’s products is the finished result. We’ve provided on location photography of swimming pools, courtyards, and paths so far. With 30-minute sessions available, it means we can cost effectively provide professional photos for Vuba to share on their Instagram and product pages. These photos fit in with their behind the scenes photos to give their feed a high quality feel without feeling too corporate.

Training Days

These are regular sessions Vuba provide to teach contractors how to use a variety of their products. As part of the price, the clients get access to the photos for their social media, including the certificate presentation. We use a documentary style approach to stay out of the way, while making sure we get photos of each attendee. Years of experience means we can take photos without getting in the way, or making Vuba’s clients feel watched!

Studio Product Tutorial with Video

When launching a new product, Vuba decided to use the Fossca studio for photos, and also brought videographers along to get all content in one go. The studio is such a versatile and large space that sessions like this are easily managed without tripping over each other – we’re also pet friendly!

Ready to hand your photography over to the experts?

Show your customers what your business offers. Our photography subscriptions start from just £150, and we promise to make your life easier! Everything from booking to delivery is simple and straightforward. Read our commercial photography page to discover everything we do to save you time, and make sure your customers are impressed!



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