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Ah, Saltmarshe Hall – it’s one of our absolute favourite venues, and once you’ve taken a look around it, we wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being one of yours too. From our perspective, it pretty much has it all! Big rooms, lovely light, gorgeous grounds are but a few reasons why we love it so much. In this blog, we’ll give you a rundown of what we believe makes it such a great wedding venue, and you can check out some of the weddings we’ve shot there, too.



Morning Preparations

The rooms at Saltmarshe are gorgeous, with lots of charm and character, but big windows that let in a ton of light – essential for good photos. The spacious layout and size of the rooms also make getting ready a breeze. With everything going on during the morning preparations, having lots of space is really important, not only does it mean you and your friends & family won’t be tripping over each other, it also means we have much more room to manoeuvre around and get lovely photos. In short, less stress, more excitement about your wedding!

The Bit Where You Say ‘I Do’

When it comes to having your ceremony at Saltmarshe Hall, there are lots of options. We’ve shot ceremonies at Saltmarshe in three different locations – that’s a lot of choice for one venue! There’s the gorgeous indoor ceremony room, which is large, bright & airy. Alternatively, if you’re getting married in the summer, an outdoor ceremony might have crossed your mind – if it hasn’t, it’s definitely worth a thought! If you’re brave and do decide to tempt the British weather, you can choose between a gorgeous open space in the walled gardens or the lovely romantic woodlands! Each equally as gorgeous, in our opinion.

The Portraits aka The Bit You’re Dreading That Will Be Totally Fine

Portraits? Saltmarshe Hall truly delivers. Gorgeous gardens, with lovely flowers & foliage, a pretty little arch, rustic woodlands, romantic fields & to top it all off – a pond and a river. Yep, no shortage of photo opportunities here, and they’re all within a short walking distance, so you’re not away from your guests for long! We’ve caught some lovely golden hour light and amazing sunsets at Saltmarshe over the years – and we always, always look forward to getting more!

Hear hear, Cheers, etc.

When it comes to the speeches, Saltmarshe’s indoor ceremony room doubles as the dining room. It’s light & bright, and offers the perfect blank canvas that you can personalise and dress up as you wish – with no loud and interfering patterns or bad lighting to be seen! Its great lighting means that we can comfortably capture those belly laughs and face palm moments, too – and we all know that’s what the speeches are really about! We’ve even shot food and speeches outdoor here, too. Options for all!

Lots of Space!

All to yourselves – yay! Outside, there’s plenty of room for milling around, enjoying the sun, having a drink, or maybe, you know, a full-blown adult sized inflatable (or two). I mean, why not? If you’re planning something big and you’re worried about space limitations, Saltmarshe Hall should have you covered. Indoors, too, there’s plenty of room. We’re big fans of how the stairs overlook the hall below, meaning nobody should miss the cake cut!

Book Us to Tell Your Story

We only photograph 15 weddings a year. Some photographers take on 50 a year with no interest in whether the day was enjoyed by you and your guests. Afterwards, they’ll give you only files, not a story that will be cherished by you and your families for generations.

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