Interesting Wedding Ceremonies

How to Choose Your Ideal Wedding Ceremony

Part of Your guide to a relaxed wedding with photos you look amazing in!

Whatever your wedding planning priorities, I’m guessing that organising the ceremony comes pretty high on your list. It’s the whole reason you’re throwing this huge event, and it’s probably the bit that you’re going to want to remember at the end of it all, right?

So where do you even begin? To some, getting married in a church, and only a church, is super important – and that’s fine! Read More...

Wedding Portraits

An Expert’s Guide to Portraits

Part of Your guide to a relaxed wedding with photos you look amazing in!

Super confident in front of the camera? If you are, that’s great! Let’s face it though, not many people are, and that’s fine too. This is a post for those of you who might have a few reservations about that part of the day, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Let me guess: You’re probably worried that you’re going to look super awkward, and that somehow every blemish or flaw will be magnified – I mean, how often do we find that we’re de-tagging ourselves from those horrific photos our friends posted on Facebook?! Read More...

10 Unique Cakes

Hull: City of Cakes

We’ve seen a lot of cakes in our time as wedding photographers. From vibrant and extravagant, to simple and rustic, the cake is one of the defining elements that will help set the vibe for your big day!

We’ve picked just a few of our favourites here; the sweet and the savoury, the traditional and the quirky, the floral and the fruity. Whether you’re choosing a big centre-piece, or an array of little cupcakes, we know how difficult it can be to decide when your spoilt for choice! Read More...

Wedding Pinterest

Memorable Ideas to Add to Your Wedding

Part of Your guide to a relaxed wedding with photos you look amazing in!

Following on from my last post about styling your wedding, I’m going to discuss the difficult subject of adding suppliers & things to your big day.

You want it to be memorable, and you want it to feel like a ‘real’ wedding – but not the stuffy kind, where everyone feels overly formal and never quite relaxes. Read More...

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Wedding Morning Prep

The Secrets to Stunning Morning Preparations

Part of Your guide to a relaxed wedding with photos you look amazing in!

Every time a new set of wedding photos makes it’s way back to the studio, I get pretty excited. I spend my days editing countless images of so many wonderful weddings. Some are big, some are small, some are super traditional, and others are a bit more relaxed. You all have your own unique idea of exactly what you want your wedding to be like – and I get to see all the attention to detail that’s been made, I love it! Read More...

Sledmere House Wedding: Country Barns and a Family Car

Sledmere House Wedding: Country Barns and a Family Car

Jenni and James first met back in their years at secondary school, when they had a year-long relationship at the dear age of 14 – how sweet! Years later, while celebrating Jenni’s birthday in The Lake District, they battled the wind during a hike up Loughrigg Fell. James set up his camera to take a photo of them together and, rather sneakily, set it to video instead! Jenni could barely hear him through the gale force winds when he got down on one knee, but of course, she said yes anyway! Read More...

Rise Hall Wedding: Top Hats and a Uilleann

Rise Hall Wedding: Top Hats and a Uilleann

A few years back, we met the lovely Daniella and Aubrey at a wedding fayre. They had their hearts set on a classic, traditional English wedding in the gorgeous county of East Riding. Their special day was an exciting one for us, not only were we looking forward to all the top hats and tailcoats, it was one of our first catholic weddings too!

The morning was nice and relaxed. Daniella chose to get ready at home, with Sam (Chick Artistry) providing make-up and the bridesmaids helping keep Daniella calm, and doing a spot of last minute ironing too! Read More...

Boutipi Wedding

Boutipi Wedding: Woodland Paths & Haybales by the Pond

We were looking forward to Katy & Kristian’s wedding from the moment we met them. A lovely, laid back couple – we couldn’t wait to see what they had in mind for their big day! Katy & Kristian’s journey began back in 2012, when they met at a friend’s birthday party. Sometime later, down at St. Ives Harbour, Kristian popped the question during a gorgeous sunset. Of course, Katy said yes, and the wedding preparations began!

Looking to make their wedding a relaxed occasion, Katy & Kristian hired a secluded field. Read More...

Tickton Grange Wedding: Country Gardens & Surprise Cakes

Tickton Grange Wedding: Country Gardens & Surprise Cakes

Katy & Rob’s story started back in 2010, when the couple were introduced through a mutual friend on a night out. After Katy’s friends insisted on Rob asking for her number, their journey began! A few years later, surrounded by candles and lovingly crafted origami stars, Rob popped the question – how could Katy say no! We’ve been good friends with them for some time, and we couldn’t wait to photograph their big day.

The couple were set on having an elegant, yet modern, wedding. Read More...

Oaklands Wedding: Tipis and Dancing in the Woods

Oaklands Wedding: Tipis and Dancing in the Woods

Louise and Simon’s journey started back in 2008 on Facebook, followed by Simon’s proposal in 2014 – with a traditional bent knee! We met them during preparations for their laid back, but stunning wedding.

In the heart of East Yorkshire’s countryside, Oaklands, East Yorkshire is a hidden gem; like really hidden, should we be down this road, hidden?! With it’s gorgeous woodlands and natural surroundings, it provided the perfect backdrop for the big day!

The openness of the venue provided the relaxed, festival atmosphere that Louise & Simon wanted for their guests. Read More...