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Memorable Ideas to Add to Your Wedding

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Following on from my last post about styling your wedding, I’m going to discuss the difficult subject of adding suppliers & things to your big day.

You want it to be memorable, and you want it to feel like a ‘real’ wedding – but not the stuffy kind, where everyone feels overly formal and never quite relaxes. It’s a tough balance – add too little and it might be a slow day, add too much and it might feel more like a funfair.

So here’s a few of the things we think work really well, and have made weddings memorable for people who have been to a lot of them!

Food is a great way to break up your day

Before you even start adding things to your day, start with the thing your guests are already expecting.

Food is one of the most memorable parts of your wedding. Not just the food – but the atmosphere created at mealtime. If you’re day is all about making your guests feel relaxed and comfortable, why not tie the meal in with that.

Jasmine and Alex had a beautifully presented starter already set at the tables for when their guests entered the room. This was followed by a main course carved and served by the guests themselves; the ultimate ice breaker!

Your evening food can also be a talking point. There are so many choices of street style vendors around, it almost seems rude not to use them! Customised pizza and burgers cooked to perfection for each guest is always well received.

Add to your wedding

Travel doesn’t have to be a dull part of the day

Multiple venues are a part of most weddings. And sometimes they’re not particularly close to each other. You’re usually travelling with your bridesmaids and groomsmen in the morning so why not make that a fun part of the day.

There’s quite a few camper vans and wedding cars that can seat a lot of people – and carry a lot of luggage. Don’t forget you might need to transport overnight bags or decorations from one part of your wedding to another.

Also, we’ve been at weddings where guests get lost on their way from one to the other – usually someone really important to the group photos!

Have you considered arranging transport for them as well, to make their day more organised – and yours, knowing when they’re going to arrive can help. You don’t want them arriving early and getting seated at the tables when they’re not supposed to even see the room yet!

Add to your wedding

Picture your guests having fun

If you’re struggling to pick the perfect few things to add, just ask yourself if it will tie in with the vibe you’re going for on the day, or will it just distract people from enjoying your day.

One idea which never fails is lawn games. Your guests can grab a drink, and relax by challenging each other to a game of lawn Jenga, or Croquet. It’s incredibly easy for you to add to the day, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

But it only works if you have a venue which has a seamless outdoor space. You don’t want to have one bunch of guests outside and the rest three rooms away at the bar. So this is what I mean by picturing your guests having fun – will that amazing Pinterest idea actually tie in to your day and make it more memorable, or is it just something you think is cool. Be ruthless!

Wedding Pinterest
Jenni & James had croquet on the lawn. Halina & Gary incorporated a selection of outdoor games

Entertainment done right

Your friends and family probably haven’t all been in the same place before, so there’s bound to be loads of conversation – you don’t need to go overboard with the entertainment.

That being said, a really great way to break down any standing around at a wedding is a magician. A good magician can have complete strangers meeting each other and bonding over having their minds melted, haha! And they blend right in with the guests so it’s not a massive intrusion on your day.

Music is a huge part of any day. Likely you already know what you’re after so all I’ll say is different parts of the day work with different approaches. Adding an acoustic set for the post ceremony drinks adds to an already special atmosphere. Congratulating and acoustic music just go hand in hand.

The final part of your day usually revolves around the dance floor so it’s really really important to get it right. A bad DJ can reduce a dance floor to nothing, and results in people sitting at their tables all evening…

Don’t do this to your photographer, please!

There are great DJs to be found, and bands just add a whole level of spectacle to the evening, choose wisely!

Add to your wedding

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