Engagement Locations

Ideal Engagement Shoot Locations

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Our last engagement post covered what couples usually do for their engagement shoot. But the most popular question I get asked is “Where should we have our engagement shoot?”

There are a few good answers around the Hull area, but the best way to sum up a perfect engagement shoot location is this – somewhere you have open spaces, interesting backdrops, and a bit of cover from the elements (English weather could provide sideways rain or blinding sun after all).

My go to location if a couple asks, is the Humber Bridge Country Park. If you’ve never been, it’s a massive park full of mature trees, gravel paths, and a pond/lagoon at the end. It takes about 30 minutes to do a lap of it while taking photos, and there’s a pub near the entrance to grab a coffee/beer afterwards and chat about your running order.

As always I have many photos to show you. Here’s my top 5 engagement shoot locations.

1. Humber Bridge Country Park

As mentioned above, this is by far the most reliable and picturesque location. Unless you schedule your shoot during Park Run (lesson learnt).

Engagement Locations
Engagement Locations

2. Hessle Foreshore

Right next to the Country Park is the foreshore. If its a nice day and the tide is out, this makes a great alternative. The white stones look great and provide flattering light. You can also include the Humber Bridge in a couple if you like.

Engagement Locations

3. Welton / Elloughton Dale

Like a hike? Both of these locations include more exercise than the above options, but if you want to avoid the general public whilst having your photos taken they are perfect. A great selection of shelter and open spaces means we can take a variety of photos. The Green Dragon in Welton is a great place to catch your breath after.

Engagement Locations

4. Raywell Wood

Think Bluebell wood style trees. A bit of a vertical trek in places, but a large variety of locations packed in to a small amount of woodland. And Millers Tearooms around the corner for afterwards.

Engagement Locations

5. Humber Street / Hull Marina

Fancy a more urban shoot? No problem. This area has all sorts going on, especially after the City of Culture renovations. Shade/shelter is a bit of an issue if the weather is bad, but if you’re happy to brave it then I am – or we can reschedule! Plenty of bars and cafes to choose from afterwards.

Engagement Locations

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