Interesting Wedding Ceremonies

How to Choose Your Ideal Wedding Ceremony

Part of Your guide to a relaxed wedding with photos you look amazing in!

Whatever your wedding planning priorities, I’m guessing that organising the ceremony comes pretty high on your list. It’s the whole reason you’re throwing this huge event, and it’s probably the bit that you’re going to want to remember at the end of it all, right?

So where do you even begin? To some, getting married in a church, and only a church, is super important – and that’s fine! This post is also for you other guys, the ones who are looking for something different. There are a TON of other options available to you, here are a few of them.


I love outdoor weddings. There are a ton of benefits to them – for you, your guests, and your photographer. No walls or dark corners, plenty of space to manoeuvre around in, picturesque backdrops, nice big wide angles shots – I could go on. Not only do outdoor ceremonies look amazing in photographs, but they’re a great experience too, with an entirely different atmosphere than an indoor wedding. Sitting outdoors in the sunshine on a lovely summer’s day? Your guests will love you for it! Perfect if you want something really relaxed and a touch less formal.

Wedding Interesting Ceremonies


Remember back in that Morning Prep post when I told you about how crazy ridiculously important natural light is for your photos? Good! Well, it’s that old chestnut again. Conservatories let in all of that lovely, natural light, and your photographer will love it! More time spent capturing lovely, clear, glowy photos of them all important moments – less time spent battling with dark surroundings. Not an off-coloured light bulb in sight – yay! Plus, added protection if you’re worried about the elements. If it does rain, it’ll be like standing under a big glass umbrella, kind of.

Wedding Interesting Ceremonies


ANOTHER outdoor wedding idea?! I hear you! Told you I loved them. Seriously though, tents are great for those who want something slightly less traditional. Numerous options to suit the size of your wedding and so much creative potential! A tent is a big blank canvas just waiting for you to put your stamp on it. Also, it’s basically a HUGE diffuser, which means lots of flattering light for your close-ups!

Wedding Interesting Ceremonies


Going for a big venue definitely has it’s advantages, especially if you have a ton of family and friends that you absolutely have to invite – you’ll likely need the space! Let’s be honest though, whether you’re inviting few or many, a larger venue can add a huge amount of splendour to your photographs. It’s a good option for those who want to add a ton of sophistication and elegance to their day, plus, you get to feel a little bit like royalty.

Wedding Interesting Ceremonies


Want something slightly less extravagant? If you’re keeping guests to a minimum, don’t worry, something a little less on the large side can be equally as stunning! And even if you’re opting for a smaller venue, and the congregation is still pretty big, these cosier rooms can make the ceremony feel really nice and intimate. Your guests will feel more involved, and you’ll feel like your nearest and dearest are right by your side, which is really important for some people – especially during one of the most important moments of your life!

Wedding Interesting Ceremonies

And there you have it! A ton of ideas to make sure one of the highlights of the wedding, for everyone involved, is the important bit where you get married –  not the free cake (although that’s pretty good too).

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