Fossca Studio: Part 1

Fossca Studio: Part 1

Big news! We now have premises in Hull. It’s not quite a studio yet, more a drafty warehouse, but soon! This actually happened at the beginning of October, but this wedding season has been manic, hence a delayed, but still exciting announcement. So without further ado here is the story so far – for my benefit as much as yours!

The viewing – 8th March 2012

This part went well, building was as expected. Me being a photographer, forgot to pick up one of the many cameras I own, so this first part is iPhone style. Sorry. This is one of the only photos I took that day, which I realised a few weeks later was useless at reminding me what the interior looked like. But hey, it gives you an idea of the dark and unfinished-ness.

Building Site


The exciting legal saga – March to October 2012

I’ll not bore with too many details on this bit, but everything that could be delayed, was. Nobody knew where gas, electric, and water pipes were. There were complicated VAT details that needed to be sorted out. Not forgetting that banks are ridiculous and nearly screwed the whole thing up at the 11th hour.

March to October also happens to be wedding season, and this year saw us shooting across the country in Tipis, barns, boathouses, hotels, gardens, aquariums, snow, the list goes on. So between the building purchase, and photographing some amazing weddings, I am well and truly ready to hibernate through this winter.

The only upside of this seven month delay was the chance to plan, and re-plan the designs. Below is a copy of a very early, and now almost completely out of date idea of what was planned. The cars demonstrate the size of the space, but considering what a muddy state mine is usually in, it probably won’t make it into the building unless there’s a very good reason!

Studio Render


I’ll leave it at that for now, but when I next get a chance you can look forward to Part 2 – Featuring such tales as “Why am I even bothering with these eco solutions?!” and “I’m sorry, I have to choose between ceiling tiles or return flights to Canada?!”

Update: Part two is here!

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