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10 Hull Wedding Venues You Might Not Know About

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Venues, arguably one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to wedding planning. They all offer something different, and can have a big impact on the atmosphere of your day! Traditional, outdoorsy, rustic, DIY – with so many options available it can be hard to know where to start! To make it a little easier for you, here’s our rundown (in no particular order) of what we believe are some of the best venues in the Hull area.

Saltmarshe Hall

We loooove Saltmarshe Hall. It’s a large venue with tons of light, making it great for weddings (and great for photographs, no dark and dingy corners here!) It’s not so large that it feels sparse or uninviting though, and is great for any size of wedding. The preparation rooms, in particular, are nice and big, and don’t feel cramped even with lots going on (which makes getting ready a whole lot more relaxing!)

It’s set in a truly stunning location, and the grounds and gardens have tons of portrait potential, especially in the warmer months when everything is green and lush! You can really make the most of the scenery by even opting to get married outdoors in a choice of locations. Wedding in a forest? Super romantic, super fun! Saltmarshe Hall is easily one of our favourite venues in the area.

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Large – Open – Airy – Outdoors – Bright


Tipi weddings are perfect for those who want a outdoor wedding, but still want an element of cosiness to it. The great thing about tipi’s is that they can be pretty versatile. They can give you shade on a hot summers day, or shield you from the rain (and snow) if you get caught in our typical British weather. They’re truly great all-rounders.

Best of all, they look super pretty & romantic lit up with sparkly lights, and you can even add fire pits (marshmallow toasting – anyone?) If you’re hoping for an outdoorsy festival vibe, Boutipi are certainly worth checking out.

Read about Katy & Kristian’s Boutipi wedding here.

Cosy – Laidback – Rustic

West Carlton

A gorgeous venue with a lot of countryside charm, and a lot of space too! Having a tipi wedding at West Carlton is often quite a popular choice, and we love it! It also backs onto huge open fields, and when there’s a gorgeous sunset, it’s uninterrupted view makes it a perfect portrait spot.

Read about Rich & Rich’s West Carlton wedding here.

Hassle-free – Quiet – Versatile

Barmbyfield Barn

Buckets of rustic charm, lots of space (inside and out!), a fairy light wall and an outdoor swing. Can you really go wrong? Barmbyfield Barn is a lovely, light wedding venue that looks gorgeous whatever the weather. Those who are set on having a barn wedding – this one should definitely be top of your list to check out.

Read about Sophie & Joel’s Barmbyfield Barn wedding here.

Rustic – Midsize – Romantic

The Highfield House

Fancy something grand? Let us introduce you to The Highfield House! This distinctive venue certainly has an impact, and there’s no doubt in our minds that it will look great in your photos. There’s so much outdoor space to explore when it comes to portraits!

The inside is equally as grand (check out those gorgeous chandeliers!), but its traditional decor makes it feel cosy & homely, too. This venue is perfect for those who want a traditional wedding, as well as those who really want to feel like royalty on their wedding day.

Read about Lucy & Phil’s Highfield House wedding here.

Large – Traditional – Grandiose!

Dunedin Country House

We’ve shot here in the rain, the sun, and the freezing cold of winter! Every wedding was lovely. Dunedin has a really traditional countryside vibe, with traditional decor & gorgeous fire places that make the venue feel snug in the colder months. In the Spring & Summer, the surrounding gardens come to life with lush green colours that look lovely in portraits. If you’re opting for a traditional wedding, but want to keep things a little more relaxed and intimate, add Dunedin to your list.

Read about Helen & Danny’s Dunedin wedding here.

Small – Cosy – Full of Character

Rise Hall

This is a great venue and a well known gem in the area. You should definitely pay Rise Hall a visit if you’re keen on having something more formal and traditional! It’s definitely a firm favourite of ours, and is perfect for those having a big wedding, and wanting a big impact. There’s plenty of room for you and your guests both indoors and out, and tons of portrait opportunity in the surrounding grounds (which are gorgeous, by the way!)

Read about Daniella & Aubrey’s Rise Hall wedding here.

Large – Traditional – Scenic

Clapham Barn

A gorgeous lakeside location with lots of charm & lots of room! You can choose to have your ceremony at the venue which is handy. There are lots of surrounding fields which are great for portraits – especially if you’re lucky enough to be treated to a sunset. If you’re getting married in the summer, you’ve got tons of room all to yourselves – garden games anyone!?

Read about Fleur and Corrie’s Clapham Barn wedding here.

Country style – Rustic – Undisturbed

Skidby Millhouse

A stunning venue with a modern yet rural feel, and obviously, a distinctive mill that really adds a bit of character to the location. The interior of the venue is bright and contemporary, and it’s situated in lots of lush countryside. There’s a gorgeous little field here that comes to life with wildflowers in the summer, and is one of our favourite spots for portraits! Guests can relax on the decking outside the venue, that’s conveniently covered in case that pesky rain decides to make an appearance. A perfect location for those who want a balance of countryside charm and modernity.

Read about Sarah & Tom’s Skidby Millhouse wedding here.

Midsize / Modern

Tickton Grange

Tickton Grange is a gorgeous venue, perfect for weddings going for a traditional but slightly relaxed vibe, be they big or small! There’s a ton of outdoor room, which is great for Summer weddings – and some lovely surrounding fields which make for great portraits. They’ve recently added a new country style farmstead which is definitely worth checking out, too!

Read about Katy & Rob’s Tickton Grange wedding here.

Large / Traditional

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