Rise Hall, Wedding

Rise Hall Wedding: An Ice Cream Van & Rainbows at Dusk

Rebecca & Tom, rather sweetly, met while they were at school – and encountered each other for the first time on a school field! They reunited 3 years later in a restaurant, and from then on, their relationship has blossomed.

Sometime later, on Father’s Day, Rebecca & her Dad went for a walk around Beverley Westwood. Rebecca simply thought they were enjoying some Father & Daughter time, reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Little did she know he was leading her to Tom who, despite getting a little lost, popped out of a bush to surprise her! Read More...

The Highfield House Wedding

Highfield House Wedding: A Family Jaguar & A Big Band

Lucy & Phil’s wedding journey began at Christmas, just after their trip to Edinburgh. It was the first Christmas Day spent together in their new house, and Phil popped the question after Lucy had served him a lovely breakfast! We got to know them better over an engagement shoot at the gorgeous Elloughton Woods, a location chosen by Lucy. We really made the most of it too – and tried out a ton of poses and locations to make sure everyone was prepared for the day itself! Read More...

Wedding Morning Prep

Even more morning preparation advice (Bonus)

So you want to take your morning prep to the next level? Let’s jump straight in!

Figure out who is taking what where, and when, and how, and…

You get it. Organisation. Have you got your bags sorted in advance? Who’s in charge of them? Who’s looking after your phone? Is it turned off? It’s really just the simple things, but it’ll make all the difference on the day when you can relax because you don’t have a million things/people to arrange at the last minute. Read More...

France Chateaux, Rustic Wedding

Chateau de Miserai Wedding: A 500 Mile Roadtrip & So Much Sun

Sam & Claire first met after joining the same Roller Derby team in Hull, where they quickly bonded and became known by others as ‘double trouble’! During a trip to Budapest, they went on a night river cruise down the Danube. Moments before tucking into a gorgeous meal, Claire popped the question – of course, Sam said yes! In hindsight, though, Claire wished she’d maybe waited till after the meal, as there were far too many tears of joy to then enjoy the 5-courses! Read More...

Wedding Pinterest

What to add to your Wedding

Following on from my last post about theming your wedding, I’m going to discuss the difficult subject of adding suppliers & things to your big day.

You want it to be memorable, and you want it to feel like a ‘real’ wedding – but not the stuffy kind, where everyone feels overly formal and never quite relaxes. It’s a tough balance – add too little and it might be a slow day, add too much and it might feel more like a funfair. Read More...

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Wedding Morning Prep

The Secret to Stunning Morning Preparations

Every time a new set of wedding photos makes it’s way back to the studio, I get pretty excited. I spend my days editing countless images of so many wonderful weddings. Some are big, some are small, some are super traditional, and others are a bit more relaxed. You all have your own unique idea of exactly what you want your wedding to be like – and I get to see all the attention to detail that’s been made, I love it! Read More...

Add to your wedding

More details to add to your Wedding (Bonus)

You’ve got space at your wedding for a few other ideas? Read on!

But hang on, what about before your wedding? If you’ve booked with us you have an engagement shoot coming up, so why not use it to it’s full potential.

Save the dates and invites

This it it, the very first part of your wedding the guests will see. No pressure!

You’re going to be sending something out anyway, so make it fit with your theme. Read More...

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Saltmarshe Hall Wedding

Saltmarshe Hall Wedding: An Outdoor Ceremony & Riverside Portraits

We’ve known Paris & Danny for a rather long time now, they’re one of those couples that seems to have been together forever! They actually met when they were just teenagers back in Year 7, hanging out at Costello Athletics Club.

A few years later, during a trip to the city of romance, Danny popped the question! Yep – he proposed to Paris…in the city of the same name (There’s an amazing pun to be found in this somewhere, I’m sure). Read More...

Barmbyfield Barn Wedding: A Homemade Sweet Stand & A Glowing Sunset

Barmbyfield Barn Wedding: A Homemade Sweet Stand & A Glowing Sunset

Sophie & Joel’s story began a few years back, when they met each other on a night out. After challenging each other to a moonwalk competition on the dance floor – they couldn’t help but fall in love! After spending 5 years together, Joel decided it was time to pop the question, and proposed to Sophie at her parent’s house!

Set on having a rustic wedding, Sophie and Joel found their dream venue after a visit to Barmbyfield, and felt straight away that the old barn fit perfectly into their vision. Read More...

10 Questions you Should be Asking your Photographer

10 Questions you Should be Asking your Photographer

At the first meeting with a couple at the studio – I usually say, “Do you have any questions you’d like to ask me?”, and this is usually answered with an honest answer of, “We have no idea what we should be asking!”, which is fair enough!

So here are ten questions you should be asking a photographer you’re about to put your trust in to work on the biggest day of your life!

1. How many weddings have you photographed?

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