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From living room to studio in Hull

Fossca is a Hull, East Yorkshire based photography studio founded in 2009 when Tom realised his office job wasn't ideal. Photography was already a big part of his life and he spent time capturing weddings and events for friends and family.

That year, the handful of photos from family weddings were taken to 18 wedding fayres and along with some apparently convincing sales patter, total strangers let Fossca photograph their weddings! Ant joined Tom at every wedding to ensure the days ran smoothly. Fossca was at almost the same amount of wedding fayres the second year, but with a bigger portfolio to show. Eventually, there were enough weddings to make up for Tom leaving a steady job.

The next few years were busy, and Fossca started attracting bigger weddings – accidentally specialising in barn, marquee, and tipi weddings. Ideal really, as documentary details make up Fossca's signature style. Having guests surrounded by beautiful backdrops, and enjoying sometimes untraditional entertainment lends itself well to a Fossca album, unlike traditional posed photos!

Somewhere along this journey, Tom was driving past an empty building most days and thinking how perfect the size and location would be for a studio. Eventually, curiosity got the better of him and a viewing was booked. This was at a time when it was manically busy keeping on top of shooting and editing, but it was too good an opportunity to miss. Fast forward a bit and this neglected tin shell of a building has now been transformed into a warm welcoming studio and event space – but oh my did it take some doing, as the blog shows.

The studio is familiar to our wedding clients from over the years and is now used to provide studio photography for both families and businesses. It's the first impression of every client meeting and shows we're more than just photographers, our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the crowd - plus we serve great coffee!

Over the years as the company has grown, our goal of providing quality photography paired with friendly and hassle-free service has grown even more important. Now more than ever we focus on changing even the smallest detail if it will improve our client's experience with us.

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A little bit about each of us

We're not fans of having photos, so appreciate this

Tom Ullrich


Taking photos and messing with computers has been part of my life from a young age, which combined with my education in software makes running a high tech photography business kind of my ideal job.

Currently, my role is to make sure each of our clients enjoys a relaxed and smooth experience of photography before, during, and after a shoot. I also keep all the technology and backups working behind the scenes which nobody appreciates, unless it breaks. Sad face.

People feature in most of my photography, as they make every shoot completely different which I like - too much of the same thing and I'd get bored. Weddings, family portraits, small businesses, each require a different set of skills, but all require putting people at ease - otherwise the photos look a bit ridiculous!


Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

Ant Ullrich

Commercial & Weddings

I’ve always had a keen eye for photography, and after starting a Photography A-Level but finding I was teaching my Teachers, I decided to pursue it on my own. My friends tell me I’m hyper-observant and have a dreadful obsession for detail, but it turns out these are perfect for this line of work.

My role at weddings is quite different to Tom’s; I usually have a massive lens on and snipe people from afar so they don't even know it’s happened until it's in the album. Weddings are great because no two are ever the same plus who wouldn't want to talk to the drunk uncle when they’re stone cold sober.

Studio work is a fantastic contrast thanks to the underfloor heating and unlimited coffee, plus I get to put all my perfectionism to use without being ridiculed by friends.


Charlotte Ridley

Post Production

I've been interested in photography for as long as I can remember, but it was only when I went to University to study Film that I started considering it, work-wise, seriously. I'd known for a long time that 9-5 office work was never going to be my thing, so I was pretty happy when a friend showed me that Fossca were advertising for an 'eclectic' editor & studio assistant. Hello - creative career!

My main role here is making sure each shoot is carefully edited and delivered as perfect as it could possibly be, and answering all your post-production queries. You'll also find me writing blog posts and pulling together your slideshows and other orders, usually with a fruit tea in hand.

Other fun facts? My favourite pastimes include scrolling through Instagram, watching films, eating mexican food and complaining about my computer. (Tom notes this is not the Fossca computer - that works perfectly).


Wedding Photography